“SILKA” General Partnership Enterprise (GPE) offers its clients a wide range of products from the world’s leading manufacturer of keys, locks and cylinders Mul-T-Lock Ltd.

Mul-T-Lock Ltd originates from 1973. In terms of manufacturing and resale of high-quality and safety products used in commercial, residential, business and industrial premises – it is one of the leading companies in the world. Mul-T-Lock Ltd possesses a range of patents for hundreds of international innovative goods, such as: mechanic cylinders, locks and hanging locks, electronic locking systems, automatic lock picking-up and manufacturing machines as well as additional applications.

Mul-T-Lock Ltd is famous for its unique management model, quality of its products and the ability to change its behaviour in accordance with the needs of both business and its clients. Alongside the company values the high level of its customer service. Mul-T-Lock is a subsidiary of the well-known parent company ASSA ABLOY taking leading position between both the manufacturers of the locking systems and service providers with its yearly turnover over 3 million and over 30 000 employees in different parts of the world. Alongside, over 500 employees are recognized high-class professionals.

Mul-T-Lock manufacturing is wholly automatized due to the use of various robot techniques and machines of the specialized construction (the majority of which have been developed and produced by Mul-T-Lock itself) as well as novelty design technologies.

It is crucial to note that all the products Mul-T-Lock produces are in line with the international standards, such as ISO 9001/2000, UL, CEN, VDS, SKG, CPC ir A2P. Company management process observes the international standard on Environment Management Process ISO 14001 and Health and Safety Regulation standard SI 18001 (OHSAS).